June 2017 Lure Photos

Photos from the June event can be seen below. If you have a favorite photo you can purchase it for $5. If you would like every photo taken of your dog the cost is $10. If you ordered photos last time and would like all of the photos taken this time the cost is only $5, please select the second option. Please give us the image number (shown at the bottom of the pop up window when you click on the image) that you would like to buy, or, if you are buying all the photos of your dog, pick one image number of your dog so we can gather all the images. Images will be E-MAILED to you in HIGH RESOLUTION format (photos shown here are much smaller, you will receive larger, better quality photos when you purchase). If you would like them to be sent to an email other than the one you use for Paypal please let us know!

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